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2024 OTB Open MVP Proton Soft Glitch

2024 OTB Open MVP Proton Soft Glitch

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The MVP Disc Sports Glitch is a hybrid catch disc that falls right between a traditional catch disc and a disc golf disc. The Glitch is the size of a putter, but... unique. With super high glide, it is an effortless disc to throw and comes in very lightweights.

The Glitch is great to warm up with or just a casual game of catch with a friend.

Ripper Studios marks his return to the OTB Open with a bang! Sure to turn heads on the Proton Soft Glitch, Ripper accurately illustrates the mind melting powers the Glitch brings to your disc golf bag or your pre-round warm up routine.

Speed: 1 Glide: 7 Turn: 0 Fade: 0

Max Weight: 154g

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